Building a Competitive Advantage

Competitactics ® is an agile consulting firm that specializes in helping to give companies the edge that they need to compete. Our areas of expertise include customer satisfaction measurement, competitive intelligence, mystery shops, market segmentation and strategic planning.

In Canada, Competitactics® offers an exclusive, cost-effective Mystery Shopper Program to members of local chambers of commerce and boards of trade. Ask you local chamber of commerce or board of trade to offer our Mystery Shopper program to you and your fellow members. A portion of the profit supports other chamber of commerce programs.

Read about us in Profit (October 2011), Western Grocer (September 2012) and Independent Grocer (August 2012) magazines.

Mystery Shopper Program

An undercover assessment that will evaluate and find the strengths and weaknessess in your customer service.

Competitive Intelligence

Level the playing field quickly and accurately with an in depth analysis of key business attributes.

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